Book freebies…

I’m always looking to expand my ‘poor but resourceful’ skills. For a brief amount of time I tried out the extreme couponing thing. While I don’t coupon to a crazy degree (100 bottles of salad dressing and snatching coupons out of the recycling bin), I still am pretty thrifty and tend to look for coupons or minimally stock up for things I use on a regular basis (crunch honey peanut butter, I’m looking at you!).

Because I’m not adhering to my usual crazy work schedule, I have found that I have a crazy amount of time that I am trying to entertain myself and have been reading more as a result. A few friends and I have been perusing GoodReads and have been entering all of the free book giveaways with the pact that if any of us win, we will pass the books among the three of us. We’ll see if anything comes of our hours of entering online giveaways.

I was also recently reminded of Paperback Swap, where you can trade books with others wishing to trade from their collection. When I return home, I’ll have to peruse my collection for things I will be willing to trade. I’m already building my wish list!

Feel free to ‘friend’ me if you are a user of either, and if anyone has any other areas where you can obtain book freebies or enter giveaways, please comment!

*** EDIT 9/17 ***

John (Thanks, BTW!), a buddy of mine, passed along one of his method of getting free e-books, so of course I had to check it out. I’ve now been downloading free e-books for my Kindle PC reader during the last 30 minutes from Free Book Dude and Pixel of Ink on Facebook.


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