Pickle and Praline Party!!

I can’t believe I’ve had my blog all this time, gave it a “crafty” name, and have yet to make a crafty post!?! Well, time to remedy that…

I’m going to give a bump to Jessie’s (my sister-in-law) blog, It’s Pretty Much Permaculture, that features her and Nathan’s (my bro) crafting and permaculture adventures. Jessie seems to have this amazing ability that I have yet to learn… how to actually FINISH projects consistently… I’m in awe! <AD/hD problems>

This past weekend, Jessie and Nathan were gracious enough to share the fruits of their pickling labors, of which they have outlined on their blog. They seem to have altered a recipe from the cooking god, Alton Brown. Additionally, they seem to be collecting pecans in the area and have been roasting, spicing, and making some into sweet and savory pralines. Nathan is quite talented in the kitchen and has been able to get to me to try (and like) things that I never would have tried otherwise. So of course, Mom and I were very willing participants in Pickle and Praline party!

Yummy, pickle-y goodness!!! ❤


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